Anne Boleyn's England (1970)
Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 12:10PM
William Robison

Hi, all. We received the following very interesting query from Lindsey Nicholls:

This is just a query I have.  I have the production notes for Anne of the Thousand Days and it mentions that a short film was shot at the same time, called Anne Boleyn's England. This covered interviews with the stars of AOTTD with insights about Anne's character.  I think it was produced by Hal B Wallis. I know this film is in existence because I remember seeing it listed in a book when I was at university ( a good many years' ago, it has to be said!). Has anybody else come across it in their travels - it would have been nice to have had it on the DVD of AOTTD as there are no extras. Many thanks. Lindsey

Answer: Anne Boleyn's England is listed in the British Film Institute Database, though the entry does not provide much information except to refer to it as a 'trailer.' Neither the BFI Archives nor the Library of Congress appears to have a copy. Has anyone seen this and/or does anyone know of a location?

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